The HIV/AIDS Pandemic: What You May Not Know About Dr. Fauci’s Connection

If you haven’t had enough of this weasel yet, dig in. You’re gonna love this. (Not really.)

Some of you may already know about Dr. Fauci’s connection to the HIV/AIDS pandemic of the 70s and 80s. Heck, I remember the fear we had as kids. We honestly believed AIDS was around every corner and if you so much as shared a spoon with someone who was infected, you had a high chance of becoming the next Ryan White. We didn’t know any better; our parents didn’t know any better. And how could they? They were listening to… you guessed it: Dr. Anthony Fauci. (This clown just doesn’t go away, does he?)

It might seem stupid, ignorant, or segregationist now to think about the “us verses them” mentality we had towards the victims of AIDS and the uninfected. But, honestly, it really shouldn’t; look at the global mentality now towards the unvaccinated. That ideology and fear moves fast in populations who are scared they could die simply by breathing the same air as someone who is “infected.” And that fear is long lived, let me tell you.

The band Hudson McCoy, my father is the one with the beard.

Quick story: My father contracted HIV after he and my mother split up. He was a musician and, after the divorce, went back to a life of music. He was a brilliant, capable of playing multiple instruments, many self-taught. But he was lonely, sad, and found comfort in a crackhead who had, herself, contracted the disease years before through her reckless lifestyle. As much as my father didn’t deserve it, he also knew the risk. He knew what he was getting into with her. She robbed him more than once, had her druggie friends rob him- stealing his classic bass guitar to pawn for drugs- and eventually gifted him the kiss of death. When my daughter was born, he would occasionally come around to see her. Our relationship was never very close and despite living only a few miles from each other, we didn’t see much of one another. So when he would swing by, there was always that tiny piece of me that remembered the fear, remembered the lies. We had learned the truth: You can’t get infected from sharing utensils, a toilet, etc. You can’t. But the fear was still there. Fauci’s Lie was still there and in the back of my head I would find myself doubting, asking “What if they’re wrong?” We are talking about the health of my baby, after all.

So believe me when I say these lies have a very long shelf-life. And I was a child when I heard them. Imagine the damage to our kids, the fear we are instilling in them with every day this garbage pandemic continues. I was 30 when I had my daughter…. so just think on that a while.

How did this HIV/AIDS debacle come about?

It was simple, it was small. It was a remark Dr. Fauci made after a baby had been born infected. This medical doctor who was in charge of the NIH never stopped for a moment to consider that it might be possible for the virus to cross the placenta from mother-to-baby. Instead, he went on camera and told the world that you could contract this disease by touch, by sharing forks and spoons, by sharing a bathroom. Even after it was discovered that the unfortunate baby had contracted the virus while in the womb, there was no going back. The tiger was out of the cage, thanks to Dr. Fauci and all of his “medical wisdom.”

Now I’m not saying scientists know everything. I’m not going to argue that medical doctors don’t make mistakes. But the Fraudster has been on the government pay roll a long, long time and to make such an offhand comment without really considering the way viruses work or the most likely route of transmission is inexcusable. Let’s be honest, imagine if you made a gaff that size at your job. Would you still be employed? Would you be worth over $10 million dollars today in spite of it? Probably not.

In a new video on The Hill’s “Rising”, political commentator, Kim Iverson, says,

“Public panic had intensified and people were fearing they could get AIDS from sharing a toilet seat or even from shaking hands. People living with AIDS were being alienated and ostracized from their jobs, homes, communities…” (emphasis mine.)

Sound familiar? Change “AIDS” to “unvaccinated” and you’ve got the same damn formula.

Let’s not stop there, though. We have more to uncover. According to the article in the citation above, Dr. Fauci and the scientists at NIH immediately went full steam ahead on finding a vaccine. Sure, it never materialized. Sure it was probably to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars lost. But who cares right? It certainly didn’t warrant enough concern for the government officials to pause their symbiotic relationship with this shyster.

Besides, Big Pharma stepped in with all their manufactured fixes, most notably being AZT. Never mind the fact the damn thing was sketchy as hell and was “one of the most toxic, expensive and controversial drugs in the history of medicine,” according to Celia Farber, who reported on AZT in 1989. Any other promising drug was simply no longer investigated; they had their crown jewel. So not at all like the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, today, amirite? Ours is a completely unique situation…. unprecedented, never before seen.


Speaking of the experimental SARS-CoV-2 vaccines being ramrodded into the bodies of billions of people today globally, take a guess what else was “approved faster than any drug in FDA history”? Ding, ding, ding: Winner, winner, chicken dinner if you said AZT.

Gee, one could speculate on the time it took the FDA to review the supplied data on AZT. I wonder if there were thousands upon thousands of pages read in a mere 108 days? Could it be that the FDA has a history of being bribed and bought off by insanely deep pockets? One might say that’s cOnSpIrAcY ThEoRy, but I digress.

“In 1989, Iverson said Fauci started promoting the drug [AZT] not only for critically ill AIDS patients, but for anyone who tested positive for HIV, including those who were asymptomatic and showed no sign of the disease…Those patients included hospital workers, pregnant women, and even children,” Iverson said. “Doctors were stunned.”

“Despite limited data, the NIH went all in on AZT, ignoring evidence that the drug was toxic, caused liver damage and destroyed white blood cells,” Iverson said. (emphasis mine.)

Are you losing your minds yet? The playbook for the 2020 Plandemic was written decades ago by the same jack wagon in charge back then. I’m not going to re-write the article I’ve cited twice, and I am fully aware it’s poor craftsmanship to continue to cite the same source. But this article is badass and you need to check it out. Dr. Fauci is handling this baloney virus the same exact way he handled the last one, and he’s acting like the internet doesn’t exist. He pretends that people with memories don’t exist. But Mr. I Am The Science isn’t the only familiar face from way back then. Advocating for the children as Chairman of the Children’s Health Defense was none other than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The same RFK, Jr. that the main stream media tries to paint as a conspiracy theorist today. Weird how that works out, isn’t it?

Just like back then, governments are refusing to look at other options for treatments. They’re ignoring the warnings and the knowledge of competent doctors, pathologists, chemists, physicians, toxicologists, virologists, and immunologists (to name a few). They have tossed out well-documented, well-studied treatments, as well as the preventative care and early treatment rule books, in favor of some completely untested gene therapy. Once again, officials are ignoring the wake of injuries, serious adverse events, and deaths caused by Fauci’s Vaccine. Let’s call it like we see it shall we? He’s the one behind the push for the endless Pfizer and Moderna jabs and boosters. Never mind that he shares patents for both of their vaccines. No conflict of interests there, though, I’m sure. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want to discuss Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. Why shoot the cash cow? That’d be dumb.

If you’re brain is about to explode with the amount of history-repeating-itself foolishness, join the club. It seems the more we uncover about this sniveling little man the less there is to like about him. The media was quick to demonize Dr. Judy Mikovitz, but turns out she’s been right all along. And if you don’t know her relationship with the Fauch, you should. He’s the one who essentially destroyed her life and her credibility as a top researcher, going so far as to have her arrested and spending half a decade behind bars, despite never being charged.

What? That can happen in the USA?

Look no further than the January 6th “insurrectionists”. (Weird, they’ve never actually been charged with insurrection….Things that make you go “hmm.”)

Ladies and gentleman, if you’re still buying the narrative being put forward by MSM you owe it to yourselves to look into this guy. He’s never been on the right side of history that I can find. He probably should’ve been charged with crimes against humanity long ago, but if history is any indicator it is unlikely we’ll see him behind bars any time soon.

As always, stay deplorable, patriots!

One thought on “The HIV/AIDS Pandemic: What You May Not Know About Dr. Fauci’s Connection

  1. I wouldn’t let Fauci near my dog much less my family! If he endorses something, I’ll do the opposite & live longer & healthier for having NOT taken his advise.


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