Rules For Thee: Are You Sick Of It Yet?

Nothing says “We believe our constituents are peasants meant for us to lord over” quite like the current state of the Democrat party. They seem to be either completely unaware of their own hypocrisy or they simply don’t care to hide it any longer. The point is, there are two sets of rules: Rules for thee, and rules for me.

Our first example falls squarely on the shoulders of our favorite imbecile: AOC. After her most recent disregard for the mandates she so strongly pretends to favor, as well as her appalling gaffe over DeSantis’s whereabouts, I can’t say that New Yorkers are swiftly going to “rise up, rise up!” as the cast of Hamilton sang so passionately about. But for the rest of us, we are watching and the social media warriors aren’t letting Sandy off the hook.

While New York City is dealing with even more tyrannical overreach, AOC decided that totalitarianism simply isn’t as much fun as the sunny coast of Florida. Ms. Ocasio-Cortes left the surgical masks (and presumably her vax papers) behind her as she fled her Mandate State for the far less restrictive DeSantis territory. This, despite openly criticizing the way DeSantis has handled the COVID crises for over a year. Guess COVID knows when a member of The Squad is present, and wisely makes itself scarce.

Speaking of vaccination paperwork, back in New York City folks are being arrested at Burger King and children are being tossed from Applebees simply for not producing papers to prove they’ve been appropriately poisoned by Big Pharma. Which is weird considering that a little over a year ago demanding folks provide proof they were eligible to vote was considered racist. We can’t help but wonder if AOC plans to show her papers once she returns to the Big Apple? If someone asks to see them, will she accuse them of wanting to date her? Yikes.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end with Sandy O. Nutty Nancy Pelosi’s contemptibly corrupt January 6th Investigation is a dumpster fire of it. In this article, by Mollie Hemingway, we get a birds-eye view of the sheer lack of self-awareness the martini1 swilling Congresswoman from California seems to posses. If Representative Tanqueray (not her real name) was hoping to convince Americans that this was going to be a bipartisan investigation into the supposed “insurrection” that occurred on January 6th, 2021, she failed miserably.

Maybe it’s because she appointed Shifty Adam Schiff (D-CA), despite his appalling track record of lies and falsification of “evidence”. Maybe it’s because she tossed solid representatives like Jim Jordan (R-OH) off the committee. Or maybe, probably most likely, it’s because Americans remember quite vividly the Summer of Violence and the way the Democrats seemed to gleefully cheer it on.

Hopping in our magical “Way Back Machine,” we travel back in time to the summer of 2020 where none of the ranking Dems could be bothered to denounce the violence, the murders, the destruction of our national symbols and statues, or the burning of twenty different cities, which included D.C.. We can clearly recall buildings and livelihoods going up in flames. We can revisit those colorful spots where churches were destroyed and statues pulled to the ground by idiot Marxists who wouldn’t know true racism if it slapped them in their overwhelmingly unemployed faces.

As a matter of fact, our very own VP (selected, mind you- no one voted for this buffoon), encouraged folks to put money toward the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which assisted in the bailing out of violent criminals as well as rioters caught up in the Mostly Peaceful Protests.

taken from

So is it any wonder that Nan’s J6 Investigation is a flaming shambles? Is anyone shocked that social media is exploding over AOC’s total disregard for the suffering of her own constituents? What about the clever pic caught of billionaire Jeff Bezos living his best life with his girlfriend- both mask-less by the way- as a waitress (masked) serves them drinks? Did anyone miss that little example of Rules for Thee?

When does it end, folks?

Are you ready to stop pretending that we are “all in this together” and wake up? There are two sets of rules, which means the justice system is dead. And it can’t be dead, or we don’t have a country anymore. This midterm election is more important than ever. It’s time to remind the Hill of just exactly who’s in charge. No more rules for thee. It’s time we end this.

Stay deplorable, patriots!

1Sara B. doesn’t know for certain Nancy Pelosi is a raging alcoholic with a penchant for martinis. This is merely assumed based off her bizarre behavior at the podium and her inability to not slur while she’s speaking. It could also be weak denture grip.

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