2022: Something to Believe In?

I can’t help but wonder if I am the only one who didn’t feel much like ringing in the New Year on Dec. 31, 2021. After all, what’s to look forward to? Vaccine mandates? Big Pharma’s push to get our kids jabbed? Crooked politicians siding with their Big Pharma lobbyists at the expense of American freedoms and liberties? Never mind the looming Build Back Better bill that somehow still hangs over our heads because of one wishy-washy Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA). Sure he stopped it in its tracks, but then along came the Christmas holiday and we find out today he might be reconsidering some things. Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

All in all, when we look at the trajectory of things since 2020 rolled in less like The Great Gatsby and more like The Great Depression, it is easy to lose hope. However, that’s not who we are or what we are made of. Not here, not on this platform. Not my Deplorables.

You see, this is a year that just might galvanize the GOP. It might be the year that The Silent Majority stops being silent and rises to their tired, work-weary feet (because let’s face it, we’re the ones with the jobs the DNC is taxing us into oblivion over). Why do I think this? Because there are waves happening, ladies and gentlemen. There are waves happening and people are waking up.

Just today there was an article on Bing regarding the 40% increase in fatalities amongst working-age people (18 to 64). OneAmerica, the insurance company headquartered in Indianapolis, came out and admitted this is the highest rate of deaths in young people that they have seen in their history.

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business- not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davidson said during an online news conference. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

“Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said.

taken from thecentersquare.com

Okay, that sounds bad. No, horrible. Especially when we consider the very large group of young adults in that range. These are people who just starting their lives. There are folks in that group that are family-age too, meaning the 30 and 40-somethings like myself. Regardless of age, it’s a tragedy to think that folks have been brainwashed or coerced to take an experimental vaccine that ultimately might harm or kill them. But this is also where hope lies. Strange, isn’t it?

People are seeing these deaths. People actually know other people who have been harmed by these jabs. They have heard heartbreaking stories of children like Maddie de Garay who’s life has been forever altered by the greed and maliciousness of Big Pharma, and the sheer dereliction of duty by the FDA. Insurance companies are coming forward. Coroners, funeral directors, doctors, nurses, scientists… they’re all beginning to come forward and push back. Locally near me, a band of nurses fought back– and won!- against the hospital that was pushing them to take the jab.

This isn’t a hopeless case. This isn’t a hopeless year, never mind what happened two years before. We have the midterms coming and the Democrats are sweating, especially after their stunning loss in Virginia earlier in the fall. We are seeing an increase in young, pro-America First Republicans starting to make their moves in politics. Biden’s approval rating is tanking faster than the Titanic on a cold April night, especially among young people- people historically the most pro-socialist if ever there was a group. That alone is shocking and interesting. Kamala Harris is so unlikable she decided to write a book and title it “I’m Speaking”, which is ironic considering literally no one is listening. And we haven’t even touched the hot topics of inflation, supply shortages, and our disastrously open Southern border.

So this isn’t the year to throw in the towel. This is the year that we demand change. We demand our Republican representatives to man or woman up and do what is right for the sake of this country. We push back hard and remind them we aren’t going to comply with the unlawful mandates. (If the vaccine was about our health, would they have to threaten our livelihoods?)

We don’t stop showing up to school board meetings, to PTAs, to townhalls, to rallies… We don’t stop vocalizing our dissent. We don’t stop pulling our children out of failing school systems. We. Don’t. Stop.

In fact, we get louder. We get louder and louder and louder until they hear us from the rafters. We get down on our knees and we pray to the only one who can save us: God Almighty. We fast, offer penance, we say rosaries, we make sacrifices. But most of all we pray, and we pray damn hard, because if this train is going to turn around it will be by His will. And at the end of that line we need Americans to see that we are strong in faith, in community, and in love. If we want to set things right, we need to get right.

You see, the road ahead isn’t going to be easy. But at this point, we are two years into this battle and are seasoned veterans of the fight. Sure, we’d like to sit back on a beach, sipping Mai Tais, and digging our toes into the sand. Let’s face it- if we have to show vaccine passports to travel, most of us aren’t going anywhere tropical any time soon. The road isn’t going to be easy, but we never thought it was. Things worth fighting for are usually not easily won. That doesn’t mean we give up.

This is OUR year. And we are ready. Stay deplorable, patriots!

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