Welcome, Deplorables.

Are you ready for this?

It’s officially 2022, and the world definitely seems to be caught on some highspeed monorail to Hell. Tiger King is back, Betty White has left the building (I still need a moment to process that), and most of us feel like the conductor has lost his friggin’ mind. While I can’t promise you we are going to jump the tracks at some point on this path to Looneyville that the World Economic Forum (et. al.) is bent on taking us to, I can promise that we aren’t going to go quietly.

So here is to all my Deplorables, to all my Mama Bears, to all my fellow Silent Majority folks who love God, love their families, cherish their freedom, and just want to be left the F alone. God put you in this place, in this moment for a reason.

Welcome to the fight.


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